s h a d o w s & m o o n s

A faithful witness, moons are observers of unimaginable sublimity and complexity. They guide and are guided. They are synchronized and interdependent. They are mystical, imperfect, effectual companions.

These works employ imagery of a space that can scarcely be reached or examined. As such, they are defined more by absence than by presence. They are linked to a void that is often charged with mystery and wonder. Much like the thoughts and experiences of those no longer living, these spaces are deeply meaningful to ponder and impossible to fully comprehend.

f a t h o m

Fathom is a series of works centered on the ceremonial and psychological aspects of grief. This word was selected because of how it indicates both a physical distance and a cognitive connection. The experience of loss often includes a disconnect between what can be physically embraced and mentally understood. With this in mind, I have created a body of works which address the forms and ceremonies linked with traumatic loss. These works reference the various approaches to anguish which lead ultimately to a denial of the impact or a legacy of strength and healing.

l i m i n a l   e y e


Drawings of animal remains are entombed within a framework of vision that work to both emphasize and obscure the vestiges of former life. The encounter of such creatures in nature or on the side of the road becomes a mortal reminder that must be discarded. Yet they point to a funereal desire for death to conform to expectations of dignity.